Time to learn to drink alone 在歲月流逝中 學會一個人喝酒

Time to learn to drink alone 在歲月流逝中 學會一個人喝酒

在歲月流逝中 學會一個人喝酒

酒的故事很多, 關於奮鬥的, 關於浪漫的, 關於上一代與信念承載的 .. .. ..

每人都有關於自己酒的故事, 當中有些學會了與親友相聚的歡愉, 有些學會了波譎雲詭

物競天擇的自然法則, 而有些學會了面對孤獨, 在歲月流逝中 學會一個人喝酒!

時光就像手中的麥粒, 即便能輕易握住, 但它們依然會從你的指縫中溜走 ~

人生許多的疑惑, 如同橡木桶上的塞, 打開它才會知道答案!

There are many stories about wine, about struggle, about romance, about ..

Everyone has stories about his own wine, some of whom have learned the joy of getting together with their relatives and friends, and some have learned the trickery

Natural selection of natural laws, and some learned to face loneliness, in the passage of time learn to drink alone!

Time is like the grains of wheat in your hand, and even though they are easy to hold, they still slip away from your fingers

Many doubts in life, like the stopper on the barrels, open it will know the answer!

Time to learn to drink alone

Time to learn to drink alone 在歲月流逝中 學會一個人喝酒

年歲日增不動聲色地, 發現愈發寂寞, 渴望著被觸摸, 即便孤獨也不能退縮,

一個人生活, 像平常一般, 湖面的安靜, 一個人喝酒

歲月流逝, 學習喝酒, 燃燒著, 期許著, 不知會否出現 : 一場溫暖的相遇!!

Growing older and more quietly, found more and more lonely, eager to be touched, even if alone can not back down,

A person’s life, as usual, the quiet lake, a person drinking

The passage of time, learning to drink, burning, expectations, I do not know whether there will be: a warm encounter !!



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