Nikka gold gold samurai whisky 日本武將威士忌

Nikka gold gold samurai whisky 日本武將威士忌


Suntory-Yamazaki 2017 limited edition 三得利-山崎 2017年 限量版

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Suntory Royal 2017 whisky 酉歲雞生肖威士忌






Suntory Royal 2017 whisky 酉歲雞生肖威士忌


Suntory Royal 2017 whisky 酉歲雞生肖威士忌

Suntory Royal 2017 whisky 酉歲雞生肖威士忌
Suntory Royal 2017 whisky 酉歲雞生肖威士忌

From 1983 onwards every year to launch a Zodiac commemorative whiskey to, has been 35 years. Lunar New Year every year at the end of the limited edition sale of whiskey are very popular. This year in red and white theme (unitary year) Chicken Year mascot. The bottle is made of “Mino” ceramic, the appearance of white cute red crown cock, bottle pattern painting on pine, bamboo and plum synthesis of the winter cold Friends of the three friends. The culture of perseverance in the pompadour, straight section of the hollow bamboo, Aoxue Ling cream frost plums, all three year-round withered, fortitude, tough and noble style, it is the United States called the world “three friends, It is also a symbol of noble personality.

Suntory Co., Ltd. (日本語: サ ン ト リ ー) is a Japanese company to produce / sell beer, soft drinks as the main business of established enterprises. The company headquarters is located in Osaka Prefecture Osaka Osaka Kitajima Bang 2 Chome 1 40. The company was founded in 1921, its predecessor is bird wells Shinoji founded in 1899 bird wells shop. When Shouwu was founded in early 1921, it was officially renamed as Suntory in 1967. Since then, the company has been focusing on alcoholic beverage such as whiskey and beer until 1980.

”Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

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