Suntory-Hakushu 12Y WHISKY 三得利-白州 12年威士忌


三得利-白州 12年威士忌


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Suntory-Hakushu 12Y WHISKY 三得利-白州 12年威士忌



與「山崎」截然不同個性的「白州」其讓人感受到森林般的清新風味正是他的迷人之處。白州與山崎蒸餾廠皆備有數個形狀不同的蒸餾器,這也是世界上罕見的蒸餾廠設備。也因此三得利自身從light type到heavy type各式各樣擁有豐富多彩個性的麥芽原酒都可以自己製作生產,並引領帶動單一麥芽風潮。三得利身為日本頂級威士忌的領先者,帶領日本威士忌踏進世界的舞台。

Suntory-Hakushu 12Y WHISKY 三得利-白州 12年威士忌

Suntory-Hakushu 12Y WHISKY 三得利-白州 12年威士忌
Suntory-Hakushu 12Y WHISKY 三得利-白州 12年威士忌

It is his fascination with the fresh, forest-like flavor of “White State”, a distinct character from “Yamazaki.” There are several distillers of different shapes available in both Baizhou and Yamasaki distilleries, which is also a rare distiller plant in the world. As a result, Suntory itself grows from light type to heavy type. A wide variety of malted raw wines are available to produce and lead the single malt wave. Suntory, a leader in Japan’s top whiskey, leads the Japanese whiskey into the world stage.

Suntory Co., Ltd. (日本語: サ ン ト リ ー) is a Japanese company to produce / sell beer, soft drinks as the main business of established enterprises. The company headquarters is located in Osaka Prefecture Osaka Osaka Kitajima Bang 2 Chome 1 40. The company was founded in 1921, its predecessor is bird wells Shinoji founded in 1899 bird wells shop. When Shouwu was founded in early 1921, it was officially renamed as Suntory in 1967. Since then, the company has been focusing on alcoholic beverage such as whiskey and beer until 1980.

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